Let’s just sing already!

  • Your Emcee is ready when you are! If your guests aren’t ready to sing when the party starts we’ll kick it off with a sing-a-long EVERYONE can enjoy!

  • Concerned about those attendees who don’t like to sing? We’ve got this… we encourage back up dancing, air guitar solos and percussionists to join in on the fun!

  • Experienced Emcees, we have a lot of tricks up our sleeves to keep the party pumped up and all of your guests engaged!

  • People want to dance too? Not as much as we do! We’ll play music before the karaoke starts and in between singers. And if a dance party ensues - then, we’re gonna dance!



Worried folks won’t get into the karaoke spirit? Get them pumped up with a little incentive… PRIZES!

  • Looking for some FAMILY FUN or FRIENDLY OFFICE COMPETITION? Let us help you create an event to encourage guests to sing.

  • Sign up for a SOLO, DUET or GROUP NUMBER and let’s let the audience vote on our top performances! But listen - it’s not about how you sound! It’s about SONG CHOICE, DANCE MOVES, COSTUME PICK, etc.

  • Consider getting some judges involved (American Idol Style). Who knows, we just might have to get those judges up to sing at the end!

  • We’ll emcee from start to finish and get EVERYONE involved and on their feet to join in on the fun. That means your audience won’t want to leave until the winners are crowned!



Have an OFFICE RETREAT or TEAM BUILDING activity in the works. Finish your event off with a little friendly competition.

  • Encourage departments to find a song to perform…group numbers, costumes and upbeat songs preferred. Crowd pleasers only.

  • Performances are judged by a selected panel chosen by YOU.

  • Your Kara Karaoke Emcee will lead the way by introducing acts and getting the judges involved!

  • We work with you to recommend song choices, edit final sing choices, create a timeline, and, of course, provide all of the equipment including “Mock”rophones for the performers to use!


Find your inner fun and inner serenity all in one hour!

  • Reenergize as you journey through a Sound Bath and internal toning experience culminating in group song... karaoke style! It’s all about FOCUS and FUN!

  • Open mindfulness meditation has proven to enhance well-being and magnify your creative expression. Together with group song, this one hour event enhances brain efficiency, focus, energy, and fearlessness for the ultimate team building experience.

  • Led by Professional Singer and UCLA Certified Mindfulness Coach, Jahna Perricone and Professional Emcee and Karaoke Queen, Kara Bertok.